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“ECV” Enhanced Call Verification

We will now attempt to call the numbers on your ECV list first before dispatching the police. This new ECV process tells the Central Station Operator responding to an alarm at your home or business to call your ECV call list first if the call to your home or business goes unanswered. If no one is available on your ECV list, the monitoring center will dispatch the police. Additionally when we receive the Cancel after an alarm from your system we will not dispatch the PD, if we have already dispatched the PD we will attempt to cancel them.

False Alarm Prevention Guide

Click here to visit FARA’s, False Alarm Reduction Association, website and learn more about how to prevent false alarms.

Reducing False Alarm Calls

Chula Vista Alarm (CVA) is in the forefront in working with the alarm industry, law enforcement and local municipalities in promoting best practices in alarm management. This enhanced call verification ECV program has proven to reduce incidents of false alarm calls to the local authorities. Many cities are making this the law by adding ECV to their alarm ordinance.