What can GPS tracking do for my business ?

  • Increases Safety and Driver Responsibility – Our systems keep a complete record of vehicle activities, idle time and speed. Whether live or historic, you will learn your drivers exact driving patterns and habits.
  • Stop Private Use and Side Jobs – Get alerts when vehicles are used after hours and on weekends or holidays.
  • Decreases Excess Speeds – By tracking the speed of your vehicles you can reduce the chance of an accident and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Validates Services– By simply looking at the history of a vehicle you can quickly determine when it arrived and how long it was at a particular service. There is a clear record which eliminates assumption and speculation.
  • More Accurate Billing – The GPS tracking system creates a digital log of time, speed and route used by your fleet.  With this digital log time and fuel costs can be accurately calculated and separated between personal and business expense.
  • Prevent Fraudulent Claims – With a good digital log you can demonstrate that your fleet was where it needed to be at a particular place and time.

Let Us give a peace of mind

Investigative Tracking

“Tiny” magnetic Stick-It & Track-It device which installs in seconds and can operate up to 90 days without being recharged

Remotely monitor subjects, vehicles, and assets of interest from your computer or mobile phone.
Receive up to the minute alerts via e-mail, cell phone or through web-based monitoring.

GPS tracking can aid in investigator or surveillance activities.

Surveillance and pinpoint the exact location of the person or item of interest.

Secretly track sensitive documents, packages or individuals.

Reduce Fuel Cost

In the automotive industry, there are many expenses associated with vehicle maintenance and servicing. Fuel is probably one of the highest expenses. It is very hard to monitor drivers and get the actual fuel status from them. Once the vehicle is out of parking lot, there is no control over the vehicle fuel usage.

CVA Security, Fuel Monitoring Solutions provides a benefit in a real-time checking on fuel usage relieving fleet manager of this task, freeing up his for other tasks. Monitoring fuel ultimately reduces operating expenses.

Driver Identification

Different drivers may operate the same vehicle at different times. With a simple waive of the RFID or Dallas Chip drivers are automatically identified within the tracking platform. Record and manage driver behavior regardless of how many different vehicles he or she may be driving.

Mobile Apps


We have developed an application for smart phones working on  Android or iOS. The App gives you mobile GPS tracking control from  your cell phone or tablet. The Logbook application can be  downloaded in the Apps market in English, Czech, Slovakian, and German languages.

Fleet tracking information can then be accessed 24 hours a day instantly via web-based.