Government Solutions

CVA Security designs and install burglar, holdup, panic, fire, water flow and supervisory alarm systems, including access control and CCTV Surveillance systems to help protect the government building structures and the people inside all across San Diego Area.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

CVA Security offers customized solutions for any goverment offices or buildings to match any budget. We offer the most simple sytem to the most strategic elabaroted surveillance with the newest technology available in the market today.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics brings to the video industry the easiest, most complete and intelligent solutions for CCTV security operations.

Automated Monitoring for Airport Terminal Exit Lanes

Enhance security in airport checkpoint exit lanes with CheckVideo airport security solutions for exit lane breach control. Exit lane breaches are costly because they can cause a portion or all of an airport to be shut down while the person is located, grounding flights for hours and requiring additional screening of passengers. CVA Security offers airport security solutions that automatically monitor exit lanes and instantly alert security personnel in the event of a breach, allowing them to quickly identify the source of the incident.

Intelligent Solutions for Education Security and Safety

The list of challenges facing today’s schools is constantly growing. Safety and security for students, faculty and staff are at the heart of those concerns. By implementing intelligent video, security and safety policies can be transformed into layers of protection to identify suspicious activity and real-life threats in order to minimize potential impact. Students and teachers deserve a safe environment conducive to learning and CVA Security offers helps to protect the safety of all concerned.

Intelligent Solutions to Maximize the Effectiveness of Security Guard

Security guard services and organizations that employ their own guard forces face a number of challenges, including cost of maintaining personnel and inability to cover large areas effectively. Theft and vandalism often continues to occur in areas where roaming guards are not able to be present at all times.