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Geofencing on the DMP virtual keypad app

Introducing Geofencing for Apple® and Android® Virtual Keypad App users. Geofencing allows users to create virtual fences using the location services (GPS) on their cell phone. The alarm system recognizes when the fence has been exited or entered, triggering a Favorite to activate; controlling lights, locks, or thermostats, all automatically. By having a Geofence programmed on your phone you can receive a Smart Arming Reminder if you are the last one to leave the premises. These features offer both residential and commercial accounts enhanced security, reduced energy costs, and additional convenience. Only DMP offers the ability to create and control geofencing right on your cell phone in the App.

“DMP continues to offer new features that provide a bigger payback on end users’ alarm system investment,” said Jeff Britton, VP of Product Design. “Geofencing provides yet another way that they can take advantage of their system’s automation triggers, and delivers those features via cell phone. Geofencing via the Virtual Keypad App enables DMP authorized dealers to offer their customers the latest in home security technology.”

Users can create a geofence directly on their smart phone.  Once created, they can link it to one of their Favorites, which are user-defined sets of automation features. Multiple geofences can be created to activate more than one Favorite, or to activate Favorites when they enter or exit certain geo-locations.

For example, a user can turn on their Smart Arming Reminder to alert them when they are the last registered App user to leave the premises and the system is still disarmed.  This feature has real value for both residential and commercial users.

Another example, a Favorite named “HOME” could be activated when the user enters the geofence around their residence, triggering system automation features to adjust the temperature, turn on the lights, and open the garage door as they turn the corner of their street. They can also create a “NOT HOME” favorite, triggered when they exit the geofence, to set back their thermostat, turn the lights off, close the garage door, and lock the entry doors.

Users can have up to 20 geofences via the DMP Virtual Keypad App. Geofences can be programmed using the user’s current location or by manually entering an address on their cell phone. Both options allow users to create the perimeter by zooming in or out of the map. The geofencing technology tool is fully functional on a smartphone.

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